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MTV Channel (Pvt) Limited is the premier private television network in the country. Equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual receiving and transmitting equipment, MTV's signals are beamed, free-to-air across Sri Lanka. The Station reaches about 80% of the country with a coverage of 85% of the TV sets in Sri Lanka.
MTV Channel (Pvt) Ltd was set up by The Maharaja Organisation in 1992 as a joint venture project with Singapore Telecom. The Station was established to spearhead the Groups entry into the media and communication sector. A part of its strategy of focusing on core sectors of industry. The Station went on air in September 1992.

In its initial stages, MTV telecast primarily news and English language programmes. In June 1998, Sirasa TV, the Sinhala language channel commenced telecasts and was soon followed by Shakthi TV, the Tamil channel, in November of the same year.

In 1998, Singapore Telecom divested its shares, which were acquired by Gregson Holdings Ltd. Since then, another multi-national company - International Media Management - has also invested in MTV

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Rossette Samanthi Sanjaya Shalika Saharada Priyanaka

Prasad Piyumalka Mrikar Candana Bawantha Savani

Sajith Ranmadu Caminada Mangala Nihal Chmika